Our angels: they live with us for awhile, then, they are called on ...


CH HayTee's Just Taking a Journey, TODD

You were such a gentle soul, a true companion
in our lives. Your journey was extraordinary.


CH HayTee
's Joie de Vivres Journey

You were named Joie of Life because that is what you embodied. To this day you remain a joy in our hearts.


CH HayTee's Unexpected Journey, TODD

We can not say enough -
our journey together was truly special.


Journey's Louisville Slugger

Such a true soul who loved his family and home
more than anything. Part of you remains with us.


Journey and HayTee's Spark of Joie

You were fiery from birth; eager, smart and full of passion. Your flame was extinguished all too soon.


Miss B
Nuvo's Bodacious Journey

Run free Sweet B. You remain with us in our hearts.

Ch Nuvo’s Major Journey CGC, TDI

We shared a life time together.  Journey was named for Jo, and part of him remains with us
as we continue on the journey.
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr Seuss

GrCH HayTee's Abigail's Journey on a Perfect Day CD RN WD

What a special love you gave.
You filled many hearts with love and joy.


Am GrCH/CanCH HayTee's No Passport Required

You made friends around the world and
brightened all our lives.

HayTee's It's A Matter of Faith

You knew you could and we had faith in you. You were a special gift for those who knew you.

HayTee's Season's Greetings

What a joy you were to be with and
such a good friend.

Waidin's Loey Lee "Loey Lee"
Named after my grandmother, whose gentleness you embodied.  Your other side was pure happy, silly.  There will never be another Therapy Dog like you, we shared that Journey together.

Waidin's Hau! "Hau"
Truth be told Kelly called you "Virginia in a black fur coat".  I took it as the ultimate compliment... even when you were not listening to me at all but off on your own agenda.  I can relate.


Breakwater's Samson "Samson"
Our third Newfie, but our first puppy.  What joy you brought into our lives.  You were a true gentleman.


The little, scrappy, street wise stray who had her litter in our shed and then moved into our house and heart.  Scrappy she remained to the end.  Wise she was too.

Waidin's Ezekeil "Zeke"
Our Bubba.  You led the pack with grace and gentle guidance.  Solid and true were you.
Our Rescue before Rescue existed.  You had the heart and soul of a Newfie but your body was just not meant to be here long.  We are glad you shared your time with us.

Gone from our lives too soon, you came to us from a home that did not want you.  We did and loved you dearly.  Your sweetness remains a part of us.


Amstel  "Ammy"
She was the start of the Journey.  We have never looked back.  Rest well dear one.


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